Wireless Presentation Solutions

Intuitive User Experience


Deliver professional presentations with the Barco ClickShare presentation system. There is no software to download, and no messy cables leading to and from your device; simply plug in the ClickShare button, and click to begin sharing your screen with everyone in the room. This system means less time setting up and more time collaborating and sharing ideas. 

Trouble-free Presenting


This presentation system is reliable and requires very little setup to begin presenting to your clients. After plugging in the ClickShare button to your USB port, or launching the ClickShare app, you simply click to share your screen. With ClickShare there are no more lengthy meeting setups, no awkward moments when the technology fails to work and no cluttering cables. 

Efficient Collaboration


Want to collaborate with your team on the main presentation screen? Use more ClickShare buttons or the mobile, tablet, and desktop app and with the touch of a button seamlessly transition from one screen to the next. Best of all, it doesn't matter what device you are using, you'll still be able to use the same intuitive system instantly.

Wireless Presentation System

Wireless Presentation Barco

IT-Friendly & Intuitive

This wireless presentation system will seamlessly integrate with your existing network and IT infrastructure allowing each meeting and collaboration room to have the exact same user experience. Since ClickShare connects wirelessly from any device, there is non need for instructions, network log-ins, technical support or downtime whilst you wait for connectivity. 

"82% of people bring their own device to meetings, and expect to be able to present instantly."

Guarantee trouble-free sharing every single time with the wireless presentation solution. 

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