Video Conferencing Solutions

Reliable Solutions

Reliable Video Conferencing Solutions

Seamless collaboration with your team wherever you are. Our HD video conferencing equipment provides complete clarity, so there's never any mixed signals during meetings. 

Bespoke Equipment

Bespoke Video Conferencing Equipment

We are not tied into one video conferencing system; we understand the benefits of all the best options available and will tailor a solution to suit your specific requirements. 

Accredited Partners

Video Conferencing with Lifesize and Polycom

Netlink Communications are accredited partners of both Lifesize and Polycom and  our expert engineers can integrate either system into your current business set up. 

Video & Audio Conferencing

Lifesize Video Conferencing with Netlink Communications

Lifesize Conferencing Devices

Dependable video and audio conferencing that delivers high-quality results  on desktop and mobile apps, and through browsers. The overall experience has been cleverly designed to be intuitive, yet professional and thorough, ensuring users love the interface and managers love the reliability.

Lifesize offers conferencing solutions suitable for any size meeting space. Whether you require video conferencing at your desk, in a huddle room, boardroom, or even a larger conference room, Lifesize has options for all. Most businesses already utilise business networking tools such as Skype, Outlook, Slack and Hipchat, this end-to-end conferencing solution can be integrated for an unrivaled experience. 

Video Conferencing with PolyCom

Polycom Conferencing Infrastructure

Polycom's simplicity intelligently brings your remote teams together and allows them to collaborate in a cost-effective and flexible way. There are a range of audio and video conferencing solutions available to suit any company size and budget, but all are guaranteed to be high impact and deliver a collaboration experience every bit as good as face to face interaction. 

Polycom are dedicated to providing the very best video conferencing system possible and have led the way in video innovations in recent years, from Smart Camera Technology to NoiseBlock, HD Voice and Wireless Presentations. 

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